We are known as a green town with wooden buildings and we are proud of our magical history and historical evidences, Aiviekste River, plains, forests, great trees, hunting, fishing and picking berries and mushrooms.

Population: 1579 (data of 30.06.2021).

Town privileges since 30 January 1992.
Since 2021, Lubāna Town and Indrāni rural territory have been merged with Madona Municipality.

Coat of arms
A floating golden duck on a blue background which suggests of duck hunting in Lake Lubāns. In the lower part of the shield there are three wavy silver lines on a blue background. The golden duck swimming in silver waves stands for prosperity and wealth. Confirmed in 2000.

The upper part is white, the lower part is dark green, coat of arms with wild duck in the centre. Confirmed in 2000.

Riga – 194 km via Ērgļi, 207 km via Pļaviņas, 206 km via Vecpiebalga.
Madona – 42 km. Gulbene – 54 km. Balvi – 60 km. Rēzekne – 94 km. Jēkabpils – 104 km. Daugavpils – 160 km. Liepāja – 425 km. Vilnius – 335 km. Tartu – 202 km. Tallinn – 365 km.

Made in Lubāna
Lubānas Winery, wine brewery, sale of produce. Parka iela 6, Lubāna.
Lubāna Crafts Centre, craft shop. Oskara Kalpaka iela 4, Lubāna.

Bus, see schedule on

Post office. Oskara Kalpaka iela 5, Lubāna.
Library. Oskara Kalpaka iela 2, Lubāna.
Culture house. Oskara Kalpaka iela 4-2, Lubāna.
Local administration. Tilta iela 11, Lubāna.
Emergency, telephone 113.


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