Madonas Alus Brewery

“Madonas Alus” Brewery, “The Taste of Madona Region” object

In “Bodnieki” house built in 1906, beer was brewed already 100 years ago. To the modern day, ice cellars have been preserved under the house, to which ice was brought in winter from the surrounding lakes to store beer barrels in summer.


In 2015 the brewery was revived because brewer Rolands Zaharovs, who has learned the art of beer brewing far away in Australia, began brewing beer. Nowadays, LLC “Madonas Alus” combines modern and historical beer brewing traditions.



* Excursions to the brewery, learning about the processes of beer brewing.
* Beer tasting and purchasing.
* Summer restaurant (lunch and dinner menu, up to 30 pers.).
Information about prices:
9 EUR per person (excursion with tasting and snacks).
Address:Bodnieki, Praulienas pagasts, Madonas novads, LV - 4825
Phone:+371 25188018
Internet website:


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