Ērgļi Medieval Castle Park

Ērgļi Medieval Castle is an archaeological monument of national importance, it is a part of the Ērgļi manor complex, which is an important local cultural and historical object. Construction of the castle was started in 1341 by Engelbert von Tiesenhausen, and the works were completed only in 1397. The castle was rectangular and had a church-chapel inside it. In a round, vaulted room in the gate tower, ammunition was stored. The castle could be entered over a drawbridge and had four towers: the round one, the rectangular one, the tall one, and the gate tower. In front of the castle there were saunas and brick sheds, outhouses. In 1577, Ērgļi Castle was torn down. Just some fifty years ago, you could have still seen a rectangular tower with small, elongated windows, but now only ruins remain there.

On top of the castle mound you will find the sculpture “The Ērgļi Guard Dogs” (by Ivars Mailītis), these dogs are guarding the treasure of the former owners of Ērgļi Medieval Castle, the Tiesenhausen family. According to a legend, their treasure is still underground guarded by two wrought-iron dogs. The territory of Ērgļi Medieval Castle has historically been the centre of Ērgļi. The rich Tiesenhausen family had been ruling this area for almost two centuries.

* From a pergola on top of the castle mound a spectacular view over the winding River Ogre opens up. The ceiling of pergola is decorated with historical paintings, but the weathervane here takes the shape of an eagle (the town’s name Ērgļi means “eagles” in English).

* Leave your car in the parking by Ērgļi Hospital (address: 1 Parka iela). On the left of the hospital, you will find the castle ruins, pergola, the sculptures and the suspended bridge, but on the right there will be a playground, open-air gym equipment and a panoramic platform.

Parka iela 7, Ērgļi, Madonas novads
Lat, lon: 56.894216, 25.640593 Braukt
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