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Lubāna Crafts Centre

* At Lubāna Crafts Centre, you can explore the works made by craftspeople from Lubāna and listen to stories about craftsmanship and craftspeople.
* By contacting in advance, groups can arrange creative masterclasses and workshops to acquire various skills: weaving, wicker weaving, felting, or other crafts.
* Guided tour.
* Practical activities.
* Orders.
Upon application!

* The association “Lubāna Municipality Craftsperson” opened the Crafts Centre in 2012 with support from the local government, businesspeople and some enthusiasts.
* Not far from the entry, you will find the most important cellar in Lubāna – “Pie ķērpīšiem” (At Lichens). It is believed that this is the first and only cellar built behind the local council where all peasants from Lubāna paid their taxes when the first local government was established here in 1869.

Working hours:
Upon application!
Oskara Kalpaka iela 4, Lubāna, Madonas novads
Lat, lon: 56.902704, 26.721497 Braukt
+371 28395276 (Astrīda Ikauniece, LV, RU)
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