JSC Kalsnavas Arboretum - one of the most beautiful gardens in Latvia, camper parking

Latvia’s State Forests’ (LVM) Kalsnava Arboretum

The uniqueness of the LVM’s Kalsnava arboretum is characterized by the collection of foreign woody plants that adapt to the climate of Latvia to please its visitors with types of woody plants unseen in the typical Latvian landscape. It is a place to learn the secrets of nature and to quietly spend the day with family or friends, but once the knowledge is acquired, eat your delicious meal at the picnic site. The visit can be concluded with counting the steps at the viewing tower that offers a unique view of the arboretum landscape, which will surprise you during every season in Latvia.

* Visitor Center.
* Viewing tower (25 m high).
* Walking trails.
* Guided excursions.
* Wedding ceremony sites.
* A stop for wedding activities. 
* Peony garden (diversity of more than 240). 
* Dendrologist consultation on cultivating trees and bushes.
* Equipped recreation and picnic sites.
Bicycle rental (4 pcs).
* Caravan or camper connection points (numer of sites - 6, electricity, water).
* Purchase of ornamental trees and shrubs (in the tree farm nearby “Kalsnava”), diversity of 600 types (tel. +371 26528088).


* Individual walks.
* Guided educational tours. Booking in advance (+371 25718538 or e-mail arboretums@lvm.lv).
* Group size - 1 to 25 people.
* The guide must be booked at least a week before the planned tour.
* News - facebook

* Thematic and seasonal programs for preschool, primary and secondary school students.

* Thematic offers for different age groups and interests.
* News - facebook

* Parking lot for campers.
* Electrical outlets.
* Sanitary facilities.
* Resting place.

* An opportunity to prove your love in a scenic and romantic tree garden.
* Place of marriage ceremony.
* Wedding stop.
* Thematic program "Collector of Moments".
* A great place for a photo session.
* Equipment rental.

* Glass terrace.
* Conference hall.
* Picnic areas.

* Materials for florists (cones, seeds, branches etc.).

June – the month of peonies blooming and cultural events.
August – the festival "Nature of trees" (all about and around trees, their various nature and everyday use).
October – event "Witches' Broom Ball" (dedicated to the mutant form of conifers - wind or witch's broom).
November, December – Advent and Christmas activities.

Can I visit the arboretum with a dog?
No. Dogs can be left at the information center or you can take a walk with your pet through the open area of the arboretum.

Are bicycles allowed in the territory?
Yes. BUT - pedestrians have priority!

Can I bring food and drinks with me?
Yes. BUT - we live according to the rule "what you bring, you take it away", so we invite you to take your garbage with you after the picnic.

* Adults - 8 EUR 
* Pupils - 3 EUR 
* Students, pensioners - 4 EUR
By presenting a valid document.
* -25% for 3+ Family card owners
By presenting a valid document.
* -25% upon presentation of a valid JSC "Pasažieru vilciens" train ticket purchased on the specific day (discounts do not add up).

*Children under the age of 7, disabled people (groups I and II ), politically repressed people, orphans, group guides, teachers.


* LV - 30 EUR
* EN, RU - 40 EUR

* Guided tour by electric car (up to three persons) - 40 EUR

BIKE RENTAL (4 pcs):
* first hour – 5 EUR
* next hour - 3 EUR

* Garden trolley - 3 EUR
* Umbrella - 2 EUR
* Wheelchair - 3 EUR

LVM Kalsnava arboretum forbidden entrance for pets!
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Working hours:
Mon, Tue, Wed, 10am – 6pm
Thu, Fri: 10am- 8pm
Sat: 10am-8pm
Sun: 10am-8pm
Latvijas valsts mežu Kalsnavas arborētums, Ogu Īves, Jaunkalsnava, Kalsnavas pagasts, Madonas novads
Lat, lon: 56.686019, 25.944483 Braukt
+371 25718538 (apmeklētāju centrs)
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