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Liepsalas, Family Home of the Latvian Colonel Oskars Kalpaks

The memorial at the Colonel Oskars Kalpaks family’s home “Liepsalas” has been built gradually since 1997 according to the ideas and at the expense of his niece Ārija Kalpaks-Grundmane (1922–2006). The memorial includes the following objects and elements:
* Sacred Barn – tribute to the God, strength of the Holy Writ.
* Flag on pole. The eight-pointed star “Auseklis” in the centre. God, Latvia, Peasant, Soldier.
* Prayer rock for mental power – only the one who begs and believes can do anything. Aphorisms for joy, love, hope. Meditation paths.
* The big oak and the symbol of three oak-leaves (in stone) for the eternal fighters in place where the home used to stand.
* Sculpture. Three friends for life – young man, violin, stone.
* Building (where the former byre used to be) – a newly erected building. It hosts an exhibition on the Latvian War of Independence and 22 years of our first independence.
* Place of the former stable and carthouse is marked by the tale of stones.
* Sauna and well – for health and refreshment. Hay sheds for a romantic night.
* Vegetable cellar, wood shed – a beautiful hillock to remind of the former.
* Granary and threshing barn – now a place with stage for gathering and dancing, kiln—hearth of public events, culture, entertainment, and traditions for growing love for the Motherland in all generations.
* A penny bun family between the ancient oaks.
* Sculpture garden: the God, Latvia, Peasant, Soldier – presented by artists.
* Memorial gate in stone and iron with the leitmotif “For the God and for growing love for the Motherland” – donation and dedication to the next Latvian generations.
* Parking.
* Birch grove and two ponds – just like it was during the first independence of Latvia. Birches were planted in 1936 by pupils of Meirāni Primary School named after the Colonel Oskars Kalpaks.
* The circle of oaks and the circle of lindens have been connected to the Unity Path “For Safety, Work, Friendship, Worship”. The almost 300-years-old homestead is not being restored at “Liepsalas”, but a memorial is built instead as the holy place and lifeblood of patriotic education. Oak has always been the symbol of peasants and soldiers, while linden stands for the soul of family and mistress of the house, the guard of home. The circles symbolises men strong like oaks and women beautiful like lindens, this is the ancient spirit and our power or the Latvian self-confidence which must be strengthened.
* Verities and beliefs written in stone.
* Memorial is enclosed with a garden planted by pupils and popular people. It is created by all who love our Motherland, the State of Latvia, and who fight together to make Latvia Christian, beautiful, wealthy and rich in the Latvian spirit.

* Guided tours. If necessary, interpretation can be arranged.
* Organisation of camps.
* Recreational place.

The territory is freely available also without a tour guide.

Traditional events:
* Spring clean-up (April/May);
* Children summer camp “Kalpaks’ Liepsalas”;
* Flag celebration (September).
Working hours:
Arrange in advance!
Liepsalas, Ošupes pagasts, Madonas novads
Lat, lon: 56.789257, 26.625119 Braukt
+371 26400999 (Edīte Zaube, LV, RU)
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