, production of herbal distillates

Bumbiermuiža hosts a place where the very best of nature is put in a bottle: various elixirs, distillates, and even fragrances are made here. The versatility of nature is a true inspiration to create and make products that are friendly to both nature and health.

* Excursion and story about "" production. Season: May 1 - November 1. Group size - up to 10 pers.
* Product purchase.
* News on facebook.
* Accommodation, sauna (up to 10 pers.).

Hydrolate is the product that is left over from distilling plants—flowers, leaves, fruits, skins and barks, roots.

Herbal distillates work on the physical, mental and spiritual level and can therefore be widely used for various purposes: for facial, body and hair applications, for inhalations, sauna aromatherapy, against insect bites, for dressings and bandages, in making cosmetics, as additives for food and drinks.

Working hours:
Arrange in advance!
Krāces, Ērgļu pagasts, Madonas novads
Lat, lon: 56.873778, 25.599391 Braukt
+371 29101200 (Kristaps Čablis, LV, EN, RU)
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