Smeceres krogs – hotel, cafe, bath, swimming pool


You will find the hotel and cafe “Smeceres krogs” just some kilometres from Madona in the valley of woods named Smeceres sils right next to the main road. This is a pleasant recreation site where you can both enjoy wide range of meals and drinks, and play pool or enjoy steam sauna and a swimming pool afterwards.

* Accommodation: 50 places ( and 50 additional places). 
* Catering and restaurant.
* Banqueting facilities. (30 and 100 pers.)
* Swimming pool and sauna. Currently closed !
* Musical Club.
* Accommodation: 40-80 EUR for the room.
* Breakfast 5-10 EUR pers.

* Old-fashioned interior with hunting trophies, antiques, and a fireplace.
* Seats of the coffeehouse - up to 30 persons; during banquets - up to 110 persons.
* Extensive and wide menu, including quarry and Latvian dishes.
* During summers and outdoor terrace is available.
* Offsite banquets, sales at events.

Working hours:
Mon. -
Tue. -
Wed. -
Thu. -
Fri. 11.00–21.00
Sat. 11.00–21.00
Sun. 11.00–21.00
Smeceres krogs, Mārcienas pagasts, Madonas novads
Lat, lon: 56.820460, 26.148836 Braukt
+371 20559999 (administrācija, LV, EN)
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