Zalgauska Manor – accommodation, sauna, angling, guided tour

The manor house is now a private property, managed by Ludmila and Osvalds Lucāns. The manor serves now as a place of residence for the owners and has also been adapted for welcoming guests. This place will be the right one for travellers looking for some quiet and natural rural environment and presence of history, and for those who are visiting the nearby hill Gaiziņkalns or Madona Town. The manor is also available as a tourist attraction.

* Fishing (0.8 ha pond), fish: carp, tench, crucian carp. Price: licence EUR 10 per day + fee from 3rd kg - EUR 1 /1 kg of crucian carps, etc., EUR 3.5 / 1 kg carps).
* Accommodation – 10 people. Price: EUR 30–50 per room.
* Breakfast – EUR 7 per person, dinner EUR 7-10 per person. It is possible to arrange lunch.
* Telescope for watching the Moon and stars.
* Picnic sites – EUR 10 per car.
* Tent camp – EUR 10 per tent.
* Boat (1pc.).
* Spot for swimming.
* Bicycles (3 pcs.).
* Sauna – EUR 55 per evening.
* Wedding attractions.

* For 2–25 people. Price: up to 5 people EUR 7 per group; groups of more than 5 people EUR 1.50 per person.

Zalgauska (Selgowsky) Manor is a small manor in Vidzeme upland and dates back to around 1780. Its heyday was during the times when the Baltic Germans managed it. When the time of the manor culture passed, Zalgauska manor house served as the local cultural centre. The building has also been used by Grostona municipality and as a timber merchants’ administration, culture centre, library, and apartments for workers. For some time in recent past the building had been abandoned for about ten years.

VIDEO on the restored Zalgauska Manor.

Zelgauska, Aronas pagasts, Madonas novads
Lat, lon: 56.860178, 26.119911 Braukt
+ 371 29531812 (Osvalds Lucāns, LV, RU), +371 26704067 (Ludmila Lucāne, LV, RU, EN)
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